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Fun with Robotics - Episode 15
  Alterations to the miter saw dust collection hood  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 14
  Building mobile carts for chop saws and a miter saw.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 13
  Building a long stock storage cart  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 12
  Organizing wire spools  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 11
  Building wood storage carts for 2x4 and sheet goods  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 10
  Building an organization cart for adhesives and lubricants.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 9
  Building a tilting router table.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 8
  My guest Bob Ross shows his current progress with the internal mechanism of his BB-8 droid. Then some video of the R2-D2 Builders room at the 2017 Star Wars convention in Orlando Florida.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 7
  Modifying a Craftsman 310 table saw.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 6
  Transporting your droid.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 5
  Building an organization cart for all of your painting products and tools.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 4
  Building an organization cart for circular saw and band saw blades.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 3
  Building a sandpaper organization cart.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 2
  Building a DIY Sortimo system for Machine screws and small parts.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 1
  Building a mobile French cleat tool wall.  
VFD - Variable Frequency Drives for 3 Phase motors
  VFD - Variable Frequency Drives for 3 Phase motors  
3 Phase Power
  3 phase power explained  
3-Phase induction motors
  3-Phase induction motors  
Battery Types
  Battery Types  
Hall Effect
  Hall Effect  
CNC Basisc 2
  CNC Basics 2 - A little more in depth with a simple plyer rack project.  
Welding 101 for Hobbyists
  Welding 101 for Hobbyists  
Getting Started With XBee
  Getting Started With XBee  
A simple guide to electronic components.
  A simple guide to electronic components.  
Transistors, How do they work ?
  Transistors, How do they work ?  
SparkFun Arduino Comparison Guide
  SparkFun Arduino Comparison Guide  
CNC Basics
  CNC Basics - A very high level!  
A comparison of many common Arduinos
  A comparison of many common Arduino types and their uses.  
How I2C Communication Works
  How I2C Communication Works and How To Use It with Arduino  
Collin''s Lab: Battery Basics
  Pick up the important points of battery basics as Collin takes a tour of the major types of power cells available, highlighting their notable quirks & characteristics along the way.  
Linear Actuators
  Comparing Linear Servos & Linear Actuators - with Kyle and Jason  
Gear Types
  Gear Types  
Spark Fun Channel
  Spark Fun  
The Robotics Code Depot Channel is a web site devoted to promoting the field of robotics. The site is dedicated to helping you get started on that robotics project quickly. Network with other robotics enthusiasts to learn about the projects they are working on. Share ideas, and download some code to quickly get started on a project or share your code with other less experienced hobbyists who are just starting out.  

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