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Publicly Viewable: YouTube Videos

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Gear Types
  Gear Types  
Spark Fun Channel
  Spark Fun  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 15
  Alterations to the miter saw dust collection hood  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 13
  Building a long stock storage cart  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 12
  Organizing wire spools  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 8
  My guest Bob Ross shows his current progress with the internal mechanism of his BB-8 droid. Then some video of the R2-D2 Builders room at the 2017 Star Wars convention in Orlando Florida.  
3 Phase Power
  3 phase power explained  
3-Phase induction motors
  3-Phase induction motors  
SparkFun Arduino Comparison Guide
  SparkFun Arduino Comparison Guide  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 11
  Building wood storage carts for 2x4 and sheet goods  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 10
  Building an organization cart for adhesives and lubricants.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 9
  Building a tilting router table.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 7
  Modifying a Craftsman 310 table saw.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 6
  Transporting your droid.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 5
  Building an organization cart for all of your painting products and tools.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 4
  Building an organization cart for circular saw and band saw blades.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 3
  Building a sandpaper organization cart.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 2
  Building a DIY Sortimo system for Machine screws and small parts.  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 1
  Building a mobile French cleat tool wall.  
CNC Basics
  CNC Basics - A very high level!  
VFD - Variable Frequency Drives for 3 Phase motors
  VFD - Variable Frequency Drives for 3 Phase motors  
Battery Types
  Battery Types  
Hall Effect
  Hall Effect  
CNC Basisc 2
  CNC Basics 2 - A little more in depth with a simple plyer rack project.  
Welding 101 for Hobbyists
  Welding 101 for Hobbyists  
Getting Started With XBee
  Getting Started With XBee  
A simple guide to electronic components.
  A simple guide to electronic components.  
Transistors, How do they work ?
  Transistors, How do they work ?  
A comparison of many common Arduinos
  A comparison of many common Arduino types and their uses.  
Collin''s Lab: Battery Basics
  Pick up the important points of battery basics as Collin takes a tour of the major types of power cells available, highlighting their notable quirks & characteristics along the way.  
Linear Actuators
  Comparing Linear Servos & Linear Actuators - with Kyle and Jason  
How I2C Communication Works
  How I2C Communication Works and How To Use It with Arduino  
Fun with Robotics - Episode 14
  Building mobile carts for chop saws and a miter saw.  

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