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Continuum Software Consulting, Inc.

Company:   Continuum Software Consulting, Inc.    

About us:   We develop data driven web applications allow your website to interface with a database such as SQL Server or Oracle. With the ability to store, retrieve and update information in a database your website is no longer limited to simply displaying data with HTML. Your website can now be dynamic and interactive. Data driven web based applications can provide the same functionality as any software application your are now using as a stand alone application on a single computer. The greatest benefit of web based applications is the fact that they are available from any computer with a browser (such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) and an Internet connection. Continuum Software Consulting has developed its own proprietary methods of developing web based applications using standard ASP and the .Net framework that makes development 3 times faster than traditional development methods while at the same time producing a software product that is stable and easy to maintain and upgrade.   


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