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Review: Snips — Speech Recognition
  Review: Snips — Speech Recognition for the Raspberry Pi  
Boston Dynamics Warehouse Robot
  Boston Dynamics produce an impressive range of highly sophisticated robotic machines, the latest of which is the Handle 2.0, an autonomous robot ready to clock-on for its next shift lugging and stacking boxes in a warehouse. Handle 2 is a self-balancing two wheeled robot fitted with a single grabber arm.  
Amazon Prime First Drone Delivery
  Amazon announces that its first ''prime air’ drone delivery service in cambridge, UK, was a success. one year following the first demonstration of the unmanned air delivery service, ‘prime air’ delivered a TV streaming stick plus a bag of popcorn to the garden of a nearby customer directly, quite different to the cargo inside the first ever recorded air delivery. Click to watch the video  
Robot hand with human touch
  Most robots achieve grasping and tactile sensing through motorized means, which can be excessively bulky and rigid. Scientists have now devised a way for a soft robot to feel its surroundings internally, in much the same way humans do. Stretchable optical waveguides act as curvature, elongation and force sensors in a soft robotic hand.  
OutRunner: The World''s First RC Running Robot
  OutRunner is the world''s first legged running robot that is commercially available to the public. That''s right—a running robot! OutRunner is eating up the competition with amazing capabilities: self-balancing, running up to 20 mph on almost any types of terrains (grass, asphalt, dirt…) with up to 2 hours of battery life, extremely simple to operate and upgradable. There is simply no other robot with such capabilities and so easy and fun to play with. All you need to do is just press the accelerator and steer it wherever you want it to go; it''s that easy. Let the fun begin! Check out their Kickstarter if you''re interested in getting one early.  
Amazon will be using 10,000 robots in its warehouses
  CEO Jeff Bezos told investors at a shareholder meeting Wednesday that he expects to significantly increase the number of robots used to fulfill customer orders.  
World''s most anatomically correct musculoskeletal robot
  The University of Tokyo''s JSK Lab have developed what could be considered the world''s most anatomically correct robot, Kenshiro  
Touch Bionics i-limb Ultra Revolution prosthetic hand
  Touch Bionics updates i-limb Ultra Revolution prosthetic hand  
Artificial muscles could allow robots to lift 80 times their
  Robots with artificial muscles would have superhuman strength  
Exoskeletons: Wearable Robots
  The human body is unsurpassed in the complexity of its design, performance and efficiency, but there are definite limitations to what we can achieve with a frame that''s around 6ft high - we can only carry so much weight, jump so far or run so fast before we reach our physical boundary. Machines that overcome these limitations have been with us for centuries, but we are only beginning to explore the possibilities of augmentation - extending our existing capabilities through wearable robot exoskeletons to create superhuman strength, speed and stamina.  
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